Careers That Require an English Degree

A degree in English is the perfect choice for anyone who has a passion for language and wants to study ideas that have always challenged and fascinated humanity. It is a great major for students interested in history, philosophy, religion, psychology, art, and all of the other major disciplines, but it is also an excellent degree for those who want to pursue a lifelong career as a writer or teacher.

The English degree is a rigorous program that provides a broad foundation in the humanities. It teaches you how to read and analyze literature and language as well as how to write effectively. It also teaches you how to use critical thinking skills and a strong understanding of the history of writing and literature.

As a result, it is possible for an English major to find employment in a wide range of professions, including journalism, law, education, and the fine arts. It also gives them a solid basis for further study in the field and an opportunity to develop their own specialized research interests.

Some English majors go on to complete a graduate degree, while others remain at the undergraduate level. Some students choose to earn an MA in English or a PhD in English, a degree that typically takes four years to complete.

An MA or PhD can lead to many careers, but the most common job is in academia as a professor at the university level. A PhD requires a thesis, which is a research essay exploring a topic in depth.

If you’re an English major and are a writer, you may be interested in getting a master’s degree in creative writing (MFA). This type of program can help you strengthen your skills in poetry, fiction, or non-fiction writing and build a body of work.

Alternatively, an MFA program can give you the training and experience to become a literary critic or editor. It is also an option for writers who wish to pursue a professional career in editing, marketing, and public relations.

The most common jobs for English majors are in journalism, media, and publishing, but there are also a number of other careers that require an english degree. A growing need for communication is driving the growth of industries such as technology, which are seeking workers with better verbal and written skills.

These skills are transferable between industries, so English graduates can find jobs in fields like grant writing, public relations, and technical writing, which rely on effective verbal and written communication. Moreover, many English departments have begun offering courses that are especially geared towards professional and technical writing.

Employers in these industries understand that a great English degree can help them to attract and retain employees. It’s also important to note that many of the positions available for English majors are not just entry-level jobs: They can include leadership roles and management responsibilities, such as managing digital content or working with the public relations team.