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Top Practical Advice for Britons on Moving to Spain: What You Should Know

Moving to Spain has its perks, and we all know this. The life in Spain is much more laid-back, especially if you move to the smaller cities, and the weather is a lot friendlier as well. But if you are thinking of making that big move and you’re from the UK, there are some practical matters to consider as well. It’s easy to get carried away with the ‘romantic’ idea of living in Spain, but if you want everything to go well, you need to think about some practical considerations. Here’s some top practical advice for Britons moving to Spain: what you should know.

The lifestyle

Your lifestyle will change when you move to Spain. The lifestyle you have in the UK will often be far removed from the lifestyle you will have in Spain, but for many, it’s a definite change for the better. In Spain, there’s more emphasis on relaxation and spending time with loved ones, and the enjoyment of life takes top priority.

The good news is that many Brits welcome this change in lifestyle and quickly adapt to it. Who wouldn’t? There’s nothing like being able to enjoy your life and taking the time to ‘smell the flowers’, and you will certainly be able to do more of this when you live in Spain.

Important practicalities

But of course, moving to Spain isn’t just about finding the right area and property, such as property for sale in Moraira, one of the most popular places for Britons who want to live in one of Spain’s most beautiful coastal regions, but also taking the necessary steps to actually live there.

For instance, do you need an ID card? Most British expats understand that they will need to have an NIE (Numero de Identidad de Extranjero), or foreigner’s ID number. The NIE ID number is similar in concept to your own National Insurance number.

As a citizen of the EU, you are free to live and reside in Spain even without having to apply for permission from the Spanish government, although this may change in the future with Brexit regulations. Currently, if you have lived in Spain for 3 months, you will have to apply for the NIE. Even if you don’t think you need one at the moment, it is still better to apply for one, so it will be easier for you to make transactions. For example, if you are looking to buy property, if you would like to purchase a car, or even if you simply want to set up a bank account or install utilities – you will definitely need a Numero de Identidad de Extranjero or NIE.

And it’s also important to note that as a European citizen, you currently don’t need to apply for residency if you live in Spain – but it will give you some tax advantages if you do.

In order to acquire your Numero de Identification de Extranjero as well as your certificate of residence, simply go to the nearest Oficina de Extranjeros (foreigners’ bureau or office) or Comisaria de Policia (police station) in the town where you are residing. You will then be issued with a residence certificate, which will show your name, postal address, your nationality, and your NIE complete with the registration date.


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Moving Depression – When the move becomes agony

Moving depression or uprooting depression can, in some cases, make it much harder to settle in a new environment. Getting a new apartment or even buying a house should normally be an exciting and beautiful start to a new chapter in life. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, often because the reason for the move is unpleasant: separation, financial difficulties or unwanted relocation for a job.

Moving boxes are unpacked and the living room is painted in the desired colour, but you just do not feel well. It is not a home and it is not possible to relax at all. This sense of being uprooted and homeless can develop into a relocation depression. In this article we want to give a little more information about this, not too well-known, topic and also give some tips on how to handle it.

Moving depression: Symptoms

Often the symptoms do not appear until the removal stress has passed. Just then, when the new home should already feel like one. This is often because the head had to deal with all the organisational work and the stress, and the unpleasant feelings could not penetrate it. Of course, symptoms can vary depending on your personality, but the most common ones are:

  • Excessive sleep:Eight hours of sleep just do not seem to be enough, and you often spend twelve or even more hours in bed. On the day at work or in your spare time you are also unnaturally tired and feel drained. These are mostly warning signs that something is not quite right.
  • Unsocial behaviour:You do not even want to leave home and the need to make new friends or to look after old ones is virtually “zero”. Alone the thought of living together with other people and doing small talk is uncomfortable.

After Moving Depression – What Can You Do?

If you have severe symptoms of depression you should definitely consult a specialist, but in mild form, you can do a lot of things on your own, to feel a little better. Here are a few strategies that can help you settle in to your new home and help you fight depression after the move.

  • Stay in touch: Pick up the phone and contact your loved ones. The best friend in your old home, your mother or your Tuesday night tennis friend, call her and talk to the familiar people. This helps you not to feel so alone. Even if you do not feel like it, try to make a phone call a day.
  • Make the new home cosy and hang photos and pictures from the old apartment in the new. If you have used scented candles or a special room spray in your old town again and again, then apply it in the first days in your new home. Visual and olfactory stimuli that will remind you of your old home will help you feel more comfortable and secure in the new four walls and not make your move too strong. Also try to use gentle and pleasant colours when painting walls.
  • Keep old habits: Do you run every day, do you sit in coffee houses on Sundays and read a book or is your cinema day on Wednesday evenings, then try to incorporate the same habits into your new environment.
  • Integrate into your new environment: Even if you do not feel like it and you really do not want to get out of your apartment, make it a priority for you to go to the front door. For example, start with a weekly activity that suits your taste. This could be a tennis lesson, a yoga or meditation class or even a book club. Finding new friends will make a huge difference for you!
  • Walks in the fresh air: Not only do you get to know your new surroundings better, but you also get your body going a bit. Cardiovascular exertion also leads to the release of endorphins, a kind of endogenous antidepressant against relocation depression.
  • Give yourself plenty of time: it’s OK not to feel secure from the moment you arrive at “zero” and feel at home. Especially if you have moved abroad and you live for the first time in a completely different culture. Adaptation takes a little time, but a new environment can always mean opening up new possibilities.

With these strategies, you can counteract the relocation depression, but do not forget to allow yourself some time to settle in. However, if you have severe symptoms and have been exacerbated by the move, we strongly advise you to talk with professionals about it. The time when burnouts and depression were a social stigma is long gone, and your health should always be top priority. With positive thoughts and the previous ideas, we hope that you can face a possible migration depression well-armed.

Is your move still to come and you cannot look forward to the new place of residence? You feel overwhelmed and do not know where all the stress is up and down? Then accept any help for your move that you can get. A moving company can take you most of the relocation tasks. Then you can take care of yourself. Meet with friends you will not see soon due to the move, do sports, buy something nice for your new apartment. In short – do what you like and leave your move to the professional Sydney removalists.


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Tips For Choosing Apartments

In investing Apartment, we must have a description of the ways/tips for choosing the right apartment, Here are tips that we can provide:


    Selection of Apartment Location

Do not consider the very cheap price to be a priority for you. Which should be a priority one of them is a strategic location, usually a strategic location can be measured from the easy access of toll roads and alternative roads, close to office areas, universities, public facilities such as hospitals, banks, minimarkets. Location Considerations also affect the selling price of the apartment, if you choose an apartment at a low price but do not have a strategic location, chances are the apartment is deserted, the price is down, and the money you invest in buying an apartment will be useless.


    An environment in Apartment Area

Choose an apartment environment that can bring comfort. As the green spaces are equipped with plants that grow around the apartment, a large parking area, a park that is comfortable for sports or just a walk, as well as view for the neighborhood around the apartment should also be considered for comfort view


    View the Developer Reputation

In the purchase of an apartment, you should only choose from professional developers, responsible, and developer reputation. You can find out by looking at the development that has been done before and with the Contractor and Designer where the apartment was built. This you need to do to build your trust in the developer. By choosing the right developer you will have a guarantee to sell the apartment when needed and raise the value of the apartment.


    In-Room Facilities

Each apartment must have different facilities. In general, the more complete the facilities will be more expensive also the price of apartments. This indicates that the number of facilities provided apartments can lead to changes in the sale value of the apartment. Therefore if you want to invest in an apartment to be resold later, better choose an apartment with complete facilities. But you must prioritize is the existence of security facilities, because the residence is unlikely to be comfortable inhabited if there is no security that qualified. Only after that, you can weigh other facilities such as swimming pool, cleaning service, playground, jogging track, and so forth.


    Appropriate Apartments Needs

The selection of an apartment should basically be tailored to your needs, for example, If you are single at first may feel studio type apartments are still suitable for your own habitation. But try to think back to your decision, whether later you need an apartment for the family in the future. If yes, you better choose an apartment that has at least two rooms so you do not need to invest twice if your budget is limited.


    Note Land Status

In the purchase of apartments need to be considered the status of land apartment buildings. Make sure that the land used as an apartment building is not a land dispute or still a lease. Also make sure the document is not problematic, such as a guarantee in the bank. If necessary, ask for help from a notary or local government before making a transaction. You should also choose an apartment with a Strata Title control system that allows for horizontal shared ownership in addition to vertical ownership, which in general can be interpreted as collective rights over shared parts, joint rights to common objects, collective rights on common ground in 1 the area of ​​the apartment.

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Kinds Of Award Plaques

In general, award plaques can be given with several kinds, namely:

  1. Respect custom plaques. This award refers to two forms of coronation, where learners are announced to all their friends openly as learners who achieve something good. Can be done in front of classroom friends or in front of all students in school. Respect also refers to empowering things to do. For example, learners are given the opportunity to show how to solve a subject or other task.
  2. Rewards. The rewards in this way can have a negative impact on the motivation of learners. Learners learn not to know but to get a reward. When not getting a gift, learners become lazy to learn. Therefore, rewards must be given in a timely and appropriate manner as necessary. For example, during religious holidays, etc.
  3. Award wooden plaques. This is a symbolic reward. Usually in the form of letters of appreciation, trophies, plaques and awards, award plaques, custom plaques etc.

Nature of Reward

We know, in the process of learning, appreciation has significance. Awarding must be educational, motivating, and reinforcing behaviors and able to encourage learners to take initiative and enthusiasm for learning. Thus, awarding must meet these three traits in order to achieve their goals.

Goal Reward

The purpose of giving awards to learners, as follows:

  1. Increase attention
  2. Facilitate learners in the process of pursuit
  3. Generating and nurturing motivation
  4. Control and change the counter-productive learning behavior toward productive learning behavior
  5. Organize and develop learners in learning
  6. Directing high-level thinking, and
  7. Strengthen positive behavior

Terms of Reward

Although rewards are good for learners, there are a number of conditions to keep in mind:

  1. The educator must ensure that he knows all learners well so that educators can provide appropriate rewards. Because the wrong or incorrect award will bring unexpected consequences.
  1. Appreciation should be given for objective reasons, not sub-ethics. That is, awards are given to learners who really do something right in the true sense rather than subjective judgments of educators or not because of like or dislike factors.
  1. The rewards must be frugal in the sense not too often. Because it can eliminate the meaning of appreciation as an educational tool to increase motivation and give reinforcement.
  1. Do not promise awards to learners. The promised award will make it difficult for less-interested learners.
  1. Educators need to be careful that the award given does not create the impression as a wage for tired learners.
  1. Appreciation should not be done excessively because it can cause the bad attitude of the heart to the learners. Learners will feel arrogant.

Principles of Reward

 Awards to learners are given based on the following principles:

  1. Warmth and enthusiasm. At the time of giving awards, learners must know or can feel the warmth and enthusiasm of educators effectively, both voice, mimic and body language.
  2. Meaningful. Rewards are given fairly in the sense that rewards are given because learners achieve something with their own effort. No doubt, there are learners who may achieve something because of the help of others. The awards given to learners with such a model are meaningless. Conversely very meaningful when the award is given because of the hard work of the learners themselves.
  3. Honest. Educators must instill honesty to learners in order to fight for an award with their own work, not the work of others. This action is one way to teach the learners not to justify the practice of plagiarism.
  4. Avoid negative response. Speechless remarks, ridicule, rude, satire, insults, etc. should be avoided because it  can undermine the spirit of learners in developing themselves. Criticism also needs to be avoided.
  5. Varied. Awarding should not be fixed in just one kind.
  6. Direct. Conducted when the learners do something right. Not delayed.
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