Choosing Between Different Kitchen Countertop Materials

Kitchen countertops come in many different materials. You can find countertops made from granite, ceramic tile, quartz, soapstone, and limestone. Each of these materials brings something different to the table. When you are choosing a new countertop, consider what you would like most: a high-shine surface that will attract the attention of your guests or family members or a durable, scratch-resistant surface that will last a lifetime.

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Some of the most beautiful kitchen countertops are crafted glass. Glass tops provide a stunning decorative focal point for any table or breakfast nook and they are even more beautiful under candlelight. The glass surface of a Glass Countertop may be made of one solid panel or may have an open design on one side that contains several smaller panels of glass.

For a traditional look, you might also choose a butcher-block countertop. These countertops are created from hardwoods, such as maple, oak, birch, cherry etc. The butcher block is made by grinding individual pieces of hardwood to produce a wide, smooth, sturdy surface. A butcher block counter top has an open design on one side and may contain several small panels of glass or may be made of wood.

One popular kitchen countertop material is porcelain. Porcelain is made by applying a coating of porcelain or ceramic material to a steel or iron mesh. This mesh is then baked in an oven. The baked-on surface of the porcelain sink imparts a soft shiny luster that is highly desirable for use in bathroom, shower, and kitchen sinks. Porcelain sinks require no care and cleaning and will remain looking great for many years.

Ceramic tile is also another popular countertop material. Because of its durability and resistance to extreme heat, ceramic tile is often used in high-traffic kitchens. Ceramic tiles have a matte, cool appearance and do not scratch easily. Because they are durable, they are also suitable for use in high traffic areas in the kitchen, such as the sink area.

There are many more types of materials available to you when deciding which countertop is right for your kitchen. As you explore the possibilities, remember that your ultimate decision will impact the entire decor of your kitchen. The decisions you make about countertops, tiles, and sinks must compliment each other. If you have a beautiful kitchen with high quality fixtures but don’t choose the right countertop material, your kitchen will fail to meet your expectations.