Great Appstargames Available Today


Appstar Technologies have developed an amazing mobile game called Appstar. The AppstarGames have an iPhone version, iPod version and on Android. It’s a fantastic crane game that you play as a log truck driver and try to save the life of cows being shot at by other log trucks. You need to increase your score as you go up the ladders. The trucks keep shooting at your log truck and you need to hit them with the crane blade in order to stop the bleeding and get out of the shooting range.

In this game, your goal is to deliver supplies to different areas. You need to save different cows and make the path difficult with spikes and obstacles. You also have to save different tracks with different types of jumps. This time management game is a simple but addicting one. It takes time to master and it has a powerful effect on your brain.

Appstar Technologies has many other great games including Appstar Speedway and Appstar Resort. They are highly addictive games. These time management games keep you interested and entertained for hours on end. They are very popular with kids as they can be used to occupy time while their parents worry or enjoy themselves with another task.

One can also play these time management games for free. There are various levels in each game. In the beginning, one can easily understand and tackle simple challenges. However, later the levels become difficult and you will find yourself needing to use more sophisticated skills in order to win. In this way, the game motivates you to practice time management skills.

Many people have been intimidated by Appstar Games. They have the feeling that Appstar Games are just a silly arcade game or some kind of time wasting game. However, after trying the game you will realize that Appstar Games are a serious game. You can actually apply your real life management skills while playing Appstar Games.

Appstar Games are very useful for anyone planning to enter a career as an accountant or a bookkeeper. The game teaches them the basics of accounting and bookkeeping. The player gets to see and use different accounting and bookkeeping tools and techniques in the real world. The player will be able to determine various methods of calculating taxes and handling payrolls effectively.

Appstar Games will teach you valuable lessons in business and accountancy. They will show you how to develop a solid business plan. It will help you understand financial situations and how to balance resources and spend money wisely. The real world application will help you understand business ethics and the importance of keeping client relationships. This will teach you how to negotiate successfully with your clients.

All in all, Appstar Games are definitely among the best time management games available on the internet. You can play the free games available on the Appstar website or buy Appstar Executive and Supercharged editions for a modest one time fee. The price you pay will certainly pay off by getting you a great game that will enhance your skills in time management.

As I mentioned earlier, the Appstargames series started out with Appmate Games. I am glad that they continue to provide new games for my family and friends. Although the controls for the games are not as simple and user friendly as they used to be, they are still fun to play. I especially love that the controls are remapped to fit my personal keyboard. I am able to easily move my character across the screen to look at items, options or people.

If you are into strategy games, you will appreciate Appstargames Combat. You can build your own military and send it out to fight against other armies that may be occupying the land. The twist is that you only have a limited amount of time to do things before the opposing army strikes back. The graphics are fairly basic, but they still are quite nice.

A rather lighthearted take on strategy and real time war games, Appstargames Firewall is fun for all ages. The choices are as simple as making a few key decisions and then watching your entire city get wiped out by a computer virus. My sister and I really had a good time making our own empires. We even got to experience some medieval real time battles.

Appstargames Magic of War is one of my favorites. This game allows you to choose which kind of war you want to participate in, whether it is medieval, Renaissance, ancient Chinese, or even Viking. The choices are never endless as you can create your own backgrounds and scenarios. I especially liked the medieval versions where you get to dress up as a lord or a queen. This is perfect for people who enjoy playing games that let them do a little bit of history.