How to Do in Home Dog Training

in home dog training

The fact is that in home dog training is by far the most productive and cost effective training you could offer for either an adult dog or a younger dog with behavioral problems. Young dogs much like children tend to act out in public more than in their own home, as compared to being in familiar, sociable environments. With in home dog training, you have the opportunity to reinforce positive behaviors and to discourage negative ones through rewards and consequences. Of course there are no guarantees that a dog will behave positively in all situations, but you would be able to save yourself a lot of time and frustration if you could set up your home environment to make it more suitable for your dog’s learning and growth.

The key to home dog training is communication, so it is important to choose a trainer that not only listens to your dog, but also understands how to communicate with him or her. When selecting a trainer for in home dog training, make sure you ask questions such as, what experience they have in handling dogs who have behavior issues? Are they licensed and insured? What types of reward systems can they use to reinforce good behavior and to discourage bad behavior?

If you already have a dog or puppy, you may be interested in getting the same results from in home dog training as you would from in home puppy training. There are many things to consider when training a puppy. First, it is important to establish early on which behaviors the puppy must learn and which behaviors are inappropriate. Once the puppy has learned the “in what areas” he is expected to sit, stay, and rollover, you are ready to start training. As the puppy matures, these commands will become harder and more difficult to teach, and the level of obedience will rise.

There are many different in home dog training programs on the market. Some are better than others. The Internet is loaded with websites promoting various programs. Be careful though, because there are many scams out there that are designed to take advantage of desperate pet owners. Look for websites that are supported by a reputable publishing company, and that offer a guarantee that the product is of the highest quality.

For general behavior problems, there are several DVDs that provide comprehensive training programs. Most of these DVDs include detailed instructions for working with the dog to accomplish basic obedience, including house calls and sit/stay. If your dog has specific behavioral issues, the trainer will often recommend some additional techniques and tools.

One of the best ways to help a dog overcome obedience and behavioral issues is through praise and treats. Positive reinforcement promotes desirable behaviors, while punishment drives away desirable ones. For example, if your dog begins to soil the floor, but you give him a treat and praise him for staying in the house, he is going to learn that this behavior is unacceptable. Through positive reinforcement, he will begin to eliminate his bad behaviors, and then work on eliminating the behavior that causes him to be ignored by you.