IPQS Email Verifier Review

IPQS Email Verification is a cloud-based email verification service that validates email addresses and prevents fraudulent transactions. The service also protects against spam messages and duplicate accounts. It combines email validation with reputation scoring to detect high-risk emails, track disposable and malicious domains, and monitor mail service provider and proxy servers.

IPQS Email Verification uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the risk associated with an email address. Its detection rates stand out from its competitors. Users can verify 5,000 records per month free. There is no cancellation fee. Additionally, IPQS offers a wide range of customization and flexibility. Whether you are an enterprise-level business or a small startup, IPQS has a solution for you.

IPQS analyzes hundreds of millions of email addresses every day. The results are provided in real time. With this tool, users are able to filter out low quality users and increase the value of their email lists. This prevents phishing, fraud, and other forms of abuse.

Using the IPQS API, users can easily check if an email address is associated with threats. They can also determine if an email is known to be a spam trap, a phishing target, or a high-risk mail service. If an email is known to be a spamtrap, the system can remove it from the contact list. IPQS can also identify and blacklist disposable email addresses, which are used by spammers and scammers. These blacklists are updated in real time, giving theĀ IPQS email verifier most accurate service in the industry.

The IPQS Email Verification service can also verify and authenticate email addresses that are not publicly available to be verified. These include honeypot emails, which can result in blacklisting by major ISPs. Therefore, IPQS strongly recommends users avoid sending emails to honeypots. When sending bulk mail to these addresses, the email’s chances of landing in the spam folders increase significantly.

In addition to the service’s free features, IPQS also offers a Premium Account. This can be used to further examine the behavior of users, including the frequency of abusive actions. For example, if non-human traffic has recently been using an IP address for automated fraudulent behavior, the Premium Account Feature will display this information.

Another useful feature of the IPQS API is its ability to perform hundreds of syntax checks. By evaluating the email’s domain and line type, it can determine whether it is valid, and if the domain is used by a popular mail service. This way, you can be sure that your emails are delivered to your inbox.

The IPQS Email Verification API also provides a wealth of other data. Users can retrieve detailed information about an email address, such as its IP and carrier details, proxy and line type. IPQS also offers free email and IP lookups, enabling clients to obtain a comprehensive view of an email’s history and validity.

As with any email validation service, a certain level of quality must be maintained. Many platforms follow different methods of verification, so it’s important to choose the service that suits your specific needs.