Sydney Neurosurgeons

Sydney Neurosurgeon

Sydney is home to some of the world’s best neurosurgeons. Dr Raoul Pope, Dr Richard Parkinson, Dr Brian Owler and Dr Gautam Khurana are just a few. These doctors offer top-notch care to their patients and are well-respected in the field.

Dr Raoul Pope

Dr Raoul Pope was born in New Zealand and graduated from the University of Otago Medical School in 1996. After completing his undergraduate medical training, he went on to complete 2 years of general Resident Medical Officer duties at the Christchurch Hospital. He then undertook rural emergency and intensive care tenures at various base hospitals in NSW. In Sydney, he completed his Neurosurgical Registrar work, gaining entry into the Accredited Neurosurgical Training Scheme. Throughout this time, he worked under the mentorship of renowned neurosurgeons.

Dr Pope is an experienced neurosurgeon who specializes in minimally invasive surgery. He also incorporates technological advances into his practices to improve patient outcomes. He practices neurosurgery across all aspects of adult neurosurgery, but has a special interest in spinal tumours and minimally invasive procedures. While he practices neurosurgery at several locations in Sydney, he also works as the clinical head of the neurosurgical department at Mater Private Hospital in North Sydney.

Dr Raoul Pope is a male Neurosurgeon in Sydney, NSW, who practices in Burwood and North Sydney. His area of specialization includes neurosurgery (Cranial, Spinal, and Pediatric Neurosurgery). He has local practices and appointments available on Healthengine.

Dr Richard Parkinson

Dr Richard Parkinson is a fellowship trained neurosurgeon and minimally invasive spine surgeon. He has over 20 years of experience in spine surgery and has built a reputation for his conservative, effective care. After completing his neurosurgical residency and fellowship in the USA, he currently practices in Sydney’s top private hospitals. Check himĀ  out at

He consults with leading Sydney neurosurgical and spine surgery hospitals, including the Prince of Wales Private Hospital, St Vincent’s Private Hospital and The Mater Hospital, all of which have the latest imaging technology and onsite medical facilities to ensure safe and effective surgery. His special interests include complex spinal and head injuries and spinal injuries in athletes.

Dr Parkinson has an ongoing interest in neuro-oncology, and he is a member of the management committee of the NSW Oncology Group (Neuro-oncology). He works with a multidisciplinary team of physicians and neurosurgeons to treat brain tumours. He is also the director of neurosurgery training at the Royal North Shore Private Hospital.

Dr Brian Owler

Dr Brian Owler studied Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Sydney. He graduated with first class honours and went on to complete his doctorate. Owler also earned a Ph.D in Surgery from the University of Sydney. He was later awarded a fellowship in neurosurgery from the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Finance from Macquarie University.

Besides his specialty in neurosurgery, Professor Owler also has special interests in a range of neurological conditions. He treats patients with brain tumours and other neurological disorders. He is also a patron of the Hydrocephalus Association of NSW and has served as President of the Australian Medical Association from 2014-16. In addition, he is also interested in public health advocacy and is Vice-Patron of Road Safety Education.

The AMA has struggled for years to shed its image as a bunch of scheming medicos and has been reconstructed as a more socially-conscious union. The 1984 national doctors’ strike against Medicare now seems like a distant memory. Recent fights over rebates for Medicare items and professional turf wars with nurses have become dated. Junior doctors often have to walk the line between the two camps and try to balance the needs of both groups.

Dr Gautam Khurana

CNS Neurosurgery is a multistate private practice dedicated to neurological surgery. They offer consultations, surgical procedures, perioperative care, and Skype/telehealth. They are a sought-after choice for people from all over Australia. As you can see from their Google reviews, they have committed themselves to practicing the highest quality medicine.

Neurosurgery is one of Dr. Khurana’s specialties, but he also treats other conditions as well. Some of his expertise includes treatment of unruptured and ruptured brain aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, and craniocervical junction tumours. He also performs microvascular decompression, a surgery for patients with hemifacial spasm and glossopharyngeal neuralgia. He has extensive experience in neurosurgery, and his focus is on brain tumors.

Awake craniotomy is a surgical technique that enables patients to stay awake during critical parts of surgery. This technique is unique in Australia and has led to the successful removal of a life-threatening aneurysm. Awake craniotomy was launched in Australia on April 26, 2007 in a Canberra hospital.