The IPQS API offers a variety of data modules to protect against fraud

Email verification is a critical step in ensuring your users are legitimate and trustworthy, as well as improving your deliverability rates. IPQualityScore provides a simple-to-use API that performs syntax and DNS checks to verify an email address’ existence and quality.

The IPQS API offers a variety of data modules to protect against fraud, spam and risk with advanced email verification tools for your website or application. These include disposable email blacklists, MX records, email reputation scoring and more.

IPQS has developed proprietary methods to support IPQualityScore email verification API for many mail service providers that are blocked by spam filters and firewalls. This ensures you can continue to offer a high level of verification coverage across your entire email marketing campaigns.

Use our Email Verification API to quickly and easily validate email addresses within your application or website in real-time. This is an essential tool for ensuring user trust and prevent fake accounts, typos, invalid data, and other abuse.

This API is easy to set up and use, with an affordable pricing plan based on the volume of lookups you need to process each month. It also comes with a free trial so you can test the quality of the service before subscribing to a paid plan.

In addition to validating email addresses, the IPQS API allows you to score each email for its reputation and track how it was created. These scores are an important component of email reputation management to help you identify email addresses that may be at risk of chargebacks, account takeovers, spam, trial abuse or high risk behavior.

Sender Scores are a good indicator of the legitimacy of the email address, with higher values meaning the address is likely to be a high-quality user. The “first seen” date is also helpful in determining the age of an email. This score is an easy way to quickly understand how recent an address is, so you can determine the best strategy for managing it in your email marketing program.

Fraud Scores are another valuable tool for identifying user quality and preventing account takeovers. These values are based on the email’s history of legitimate purchases, account registrations, and online behavior. For example, a score of 80 is suspicious and 90 is risky.

A high score indicates a healthy email address and is more likely to make a purchase or register an account. A low score indicates a poor-quality email, which is more likely to be used for spam or fraud.

Detections for disposable email services and parked domains are included with this API, allowing you to stop fake & temporary email accounts as they are being created by your users. Unlike most disposable email blacklists, which are stale and can’t keep up with new disposable emails, IPQS’s blacklists are updated in real-time to stop the latest temporary and disposable emails as they are created.

These detection rates are a key differentiator for IPQS from competing services, as most of them don’t offer this level of quality & verification coverage.