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The latest from the blog is a place where you can read about the latest news and events in your field. You can find a wide variety of information in this blog and can follow it on social media to stay up-to-date with what’s happening. There are sections on climate, politics, LGBTQ issues, world news, and videos. And, it’s all free!


TechCrunch is a technology and business blog run by Michael Arrington. This blog usually focuses on consumer-facing Web applications. The website attracts over 37 million readers each month. Although Michael Arrington is a part-time blogger, he’s become a millionaire. The site is based in the Bay Area and has a large following of readers.


Treehugger is a blog that covers topics relating to environmental sustainability, sustainable design, energy, fashion, health, and politics. It is aimed at educating consumers and demonstrating sustainable living. The site has grown to serve over five million unique visitors every month and a community of over one million followers. In addition to providing information on sustainability, it is also a resource for aspiring environmental activists.


If you’re looking Stephen Gleave Ancaster for the latest tech news, you should check out Engadget. It’s a multilingual technology blog network that provides daily coverage of consumer electronics and gadgets. Its editors cover everything from hardware to video games.

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is a polarizing media mogul who often mocks pop culture on his blog. In his latest news, the ‘Newsroom’ satirist is returning to his acting roots as the lead in the Off-Broadway musical NEWSical. In this interview, Perez Hilton talks about his love of theatre and the first Broadway show he saw.


The ThinkProgress blog is a progressive online real estate that combines original reporting with an attack dog mentality to take on conservative ideas. Its alumni now work in mainstream journalism and politics. Faiz Shakir, the campaign manager for Bernie Sanders, is a ThinkProgress alumni. Others include Amanda Terkel, the D.C. bureau chief of HuffPo, Nico Pitney, political director of NowThis, Alex Seitz-Wald, senior campaign reporter for NBC News, and Matt Yglesias, a founding member of Vox.