Yamaha Bass Guitar – The Best For Beginners?

Yamaha BBNE2BL

The all new Yamaha BBNE2BL electronic bass guitar is the most versatile electric model introduced to the market by Yamaha. Designed by Yamaha and Nathan East, the Yamaha BB Series soundboards have defined the very best in electronic bass guitar technology, delivering a faithful reproduction of an acoustic bass guitar’s tone and sustain, coupled with a tight alder body finished in premium maple for unmatched tonal accuracy. This new model carries on the legacy by fully utilizing a thin-sixthsick alder body with an optimized camber and arched edges, along with traditional valve technologies to deliver the warmth and tone expected from a true bass. An optional wireless controller also available from the manufacture, allows users to easily connect the instrument to an amplifier without having to utilize an extra cable.

The Yamaha BBne2 BL is the most complete bass system available from the brand. It includes five distinctive components: pre-amp, power amp, signal transformer, buffer unit, cabinet design, as well as a metronome. This comprehensive system offers users increased tonal diversity along with simplified signal processing. The built in compressor allows for the addition of effects such as tremolo, chorus, flanging, reverse, reverb, and much more. An optional Wireless Remote Controller, built in by Yamaha, allows the user to perform basic tone adjustments through the instrument’s MIDI interface.

Yamaha’s BBne2 BL utilizes Yamaha’s new Memory Noise Circuit technology. The patented Yamaha NCL, or Neat Clip Lamp is utilized in this new electronic instrument from Yamaha. The innovative lamp eliminates the need for physically opening or closing an amp to change cables. With the use of the Memory Noise Circuit, the amp switches on when you press a positive or negative pedal. This instantly updates the amp circuit during a performance. Using the Yamaha BBne2BL’s powerful features, professional bass guitarists and DJs alike can produce top-quality audio that will amaze their audiences.

If you are looking for a powerful bass guitar with exceptional durability, then look no further than the Yamaha BBne2 BL. This model of solid state hard drive comes with a pre-installed foot controller. The fact that the BBne2 BL comes with an easy to use foot controller is a big advantage over other solid state models on the market. You can easily utilize all of the parameters on this model including the onboard virtual wah and tone controls. The built in virtual wah allows you to connect your sound board directly to your laptop computer and load all your favorite plugins for instant sound effects customization.

If you are looking for a new lightweight guitar with incredible durability, then look no further than the Yamaha BBne2BL. This affordable model comes with all the features and functionalities you would expect from a “real” electric bass, but it is also lighter than most of its counterparts in today’s market. With a weight ratio of only 32 ounces for the total body of the instrument, the Yamaha b-ne Nathan east 5-strings bass guitar delivers pure power and incredible tone control for hardcore bass guitar enthusiasts and weekend warriors. With a host of great features and modern functions, the Yamaha continues to dominate the industry.

When you purchase a Yamaha product, you have the benefit of knowing exactly what you are buying. Whether it is a traditional instrument like the sitar, or even more modern instruments like the BBne2BL, you have the opportunity to get exactly what you need. Whether you need to be able to play lead on your acoustic or electric, or you just want something you can rely on and trust. You will also have a chance to know exactly how reliable any particular model of Yamaha instrument is. Whatever you are looking for in a bass guitar, Yamaha takes care to deliver.