Yamaha NP12 Keyboards: Portability Combined With Sound Quality

Yamaha NP12

If you love piano, but don’t want to learn an entire new method for learning the piano, you may want to consider the Yamaha NP12 pianos. These pianos have many great qualities that make them great investments. Some of their qualities are highlighted in this Yamaha NP12 Review.

In the first place, the Yamaha NP12 piano is a great way to go when you want to learn how to play an acoustic piano with polyphony. In fact, Yamaha claims that this polyphonic feature is one of the features that sets this particular model apart from all others. In other words, the Yamaha NP12 allows you to seamlessly go from notes heard through the digital recording to voices heard through the playback system at the same time. This is accomplished simply by pressing the sustain pedal. And since there is an audio volume control on the unit, you can easily turn up the sounds that you want to hear, without disturbing anyone around you.

In addition to being a great digital piano for your practice studio, the Yamaha NP12 is a good choice if you are traveling or moving around often. One great thing about this unit is that it is very portable. For example, when you are practicing on your home computer, it is nice to be able to bring along the NP12 so that you can practice wherever you may go. Some people even carry it with them when they travel to their home computer. If you love the portability, this is a great model that you may want to consider.

Another feature of the Yamaha NP series of pianos is that it comes with Yamaha MP3 player with stereo sampling capability. This is great for people who love listening to music and yet do not have a lot of room in their homes to set up a large sound system. With the Yamaha MP3 player and stereo sampling feature, you can practice, make a demo, or work out without having to worry about missing a beat. You can play along to your favorite hip-hop, pop, or jazz songs without worrying about damaging your speakers or the space around your home.

A final feature found on the Yamaha NP12 piano is its two power sources. The unit has a battery that plugs in through an AC outlet and a nine-volt battery that plug into an outlet. The speakers used to come with a subwoofer as well, allowing you to send even more sound to your keys. The two power sources to ensure that you have power when you need it most, enabling you to practice or work out until the battery dies and you have to restart your exercise routine.

If you like playing keyboards and need a portable device that can deliver high quality sounds, the Yamaha NP12 might be a great option for you. While it lacks many of the features that you find in digital pianos, such as onboard speaker adapters, it does have a few advantages over the competition. Its compact size fits easily in a small area, and it comes with plenty of padding to protect your fingers. These factors make it a good choice for someone just starting out, as well as someone who want all the benefits of a digital keyboard but do not want to sacrifice the convenience of portability.