Capital Land Companies – Total Number Inspections and Driver Inspections

Capital Land Companies is a New York local owned and operated company, which is passionate about property management and landscape design. They are able to design a design that will be both functional attractive and well-build, to survive the harshest of weather condition here in Upstate New York. Their award winning designs can be used on all kinds of properties, from residential homes, commercial properties and vacant land. They also offer design services for corporate real estate needs, as well.

Capital Land Companies has vast experience with designing both attractive landscapes and completely custom landscape architecture. The landscape designs they create can include everything from retaining walls and walkways, to retaining walls, arbors, pool surrounds, basketball arenas, sky gardens, golf course greens, hotels, restaurants, parks, tennis courts and private housing developments. Some of their most popular projects include the restoration of historic cemeteries, such as those located in Five Towns, Riverton, Westchester County, Marble Hill, Linden, Kingsbridge, Otsego Lake, and Five Towns. They are also capable of designing environmentally-friendly housing developments, including sustainable neighborhoods, sustainable buildings, green developments, eco-friendly structures, and sustainable landscapes.

Capital Land Companies also offers total inspections, or TIRs, of properties, as well as a free safety rating system that uses an industry standard to rate each structure’s safety, aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. The safety rating system is broken down into five categories, which are roof, foundation, chimney, walls, and doors and windows. All structures are inspected with a total inspection, meaning the exterior and interior walls, as well as the attic and basement are thoroughly checked. All roof openings are tested for load bearing capacity, as well as all exterior window and door openings. Every single piece of electrical wiring is inspected to ensure it is in compliance with local and federal regulations.

Capital Land Companies’ total number inspections and driver inspections start as soon as the project begins. All construction employees and subcontractors are carefully and completely briefed on the process so they can perform their best work and provide the safest building to their customers. The company has an extensive pre Construction Safety Manual, which serves as the backbone of all company policies. This manual contains detailed information about every aspect of construction, including site selection, permitting, and safety. All workers and subcontractors are required to adhere to the manual’s stringent requirements, which include:

When the project is complete, both the construction manager and the Capital Land Companies’ chief inspector will provide a final report on the project, including their findings, recommendations, and the Capital Land Company’s policies and procedures related to the project. The final report is provided to the public and is available for purchase online. It contains detailed information about the total number of all defects found throughout the entire project, as well as specific recommendations for each area that was reviewed. In addition, the safety rating is provided for each area, and each area’s safety rating is based on the number and severity of the defects found. Ratings range from one to five, with one being the highest.

Both the construction manager and the general inspector for Capital Land Companies perform on-site inspections of projects. The inspections are performed at different times, depending on what is being built and the risks involved. One inspection is typically performed within six months of the start of the project, while another inspection is typically performed at six months, one year, or ten years after the start of the project. All inspections are performed according to local and state codes and specifications. As part of these inspections, workers are thoroughly briefed and given safety information, so they know what to do in the event of an accident or emergency.