Downtown Alpharetta Welcomes Center

Alpharetta more info has grown over the past few decades. Located on the outer edges of the Atlanta Beltline, the city now stands as one of Atlanta’s premier business areas. With a well-developed industrial history, major highways, and numerous employment opportunities, Alpharetta has long been considered a hub for business and industry. As a result, many developers have sought to revitalize the area and build up businesses and jobs in the city.


The small town of Alpharetta lies just north of Atlanta, within the greater Atlanta metropolitan area and is a booming suburban community. As of today, it lies in the center of the Atlanta metropolitan region. The last census found that the population of Alpharetta was only 1957. As of today, the estimated population of Alpharetta was 67,212. Based upon this information, it can be seen that the downtown alpharetta area has grown considerably in recent years. With a plethora of dining, shopping, and sporting venues, downtown alpharetta seems to be a thriving area for residents.

Just off the Atlanta Beltline, the upscale middle class citizens of Atlanta have made the upscale shopping areas and restaurants of downtown alpharetta their new “dwelling place”. The affluent and savvy shoppers of downtown alpharetta find these restaurants and shopping center a great place to ease the stress of everyday life. The malls of course offer the typical retail stores and service providers. The main avenue of development has been the tech center. Tech centers have brought a number of multinationals and other firms into downtown alpharetta.

The main office buildings for major companies such as Kerkorian, Scott, and White are all located at the center of downtown alpharetta. The foyer of Kerkorian skyscraper is an excellent place to take photos, watching the famous TV series, “FX”, or just to catch a glimpse of some Hollywood celebrities. While you are there, don’t miss the famous Atlanta Georgia State University campus. The Fulton County public school system is centered around the county seat of Atlanta, which is in downtown alpharetta. Take a trip down to Fulton county park to enjoy the many recreational facilities and to get away from it all.

Travel north from the Atlanta Beltline exit to the historic old downtown alpharetta center. Here you will find many dining options, movie theatres, shopping centers, bars, and other attractions. If you are looking for a unique experience, there is no better way to do so than at the historic white oak dining room of Harry Bridges Place. This wood structure is located between Centennial Olympic Park and the intersection of Peachtree road and Murphy drive. Harry Bridges place has been serving food to the sports fans of Atlanta since the opening in 1971. The first dining room opened in this location and was known for its fantastic food and exceptional service.

Other great dining opportunities are found at the Luluwoods Market on 33rd street in the heart of downtown alpharetta. Enjoy a gourmet lunch or dinner in this market before enjoying some amazing live entertainment. The Luluwoods Market offers many mouth-watering restaurants and pubs that will satisfy any type of taste. There is no reason to go anywhere else but to the best alpharetta restaurants.