Hire the Best Promotional Staff to Promote Your Brand

Whether you need a promotional staff to host an event, hand out leaflets, or sample products, you can find them at Push Promotions in Leeds. Leaflet distribution requires a license from Leeds Council, and push promotions can help you get this license. Push Promotions has more than 3000 promotional staff members to choose from.

Pitlane Promotion

If you are planning a promotional event in Leeds, you can hire Promo Boys and Girls from Pitlane Promotion. These promotional staff can help your business promote its brand, increase leads, collect valuable data, and make sales. The company has many different promotional staff available in Leeds. These people are trained to represent your company in the best possible way.

The team also works with international delegations. In Leeds, they introduce representatives from different countries to local companies that are working in the same sector. They also facilitate cultural exchanges with partner cities worldwide, which includes projects related to economic development, culture, and the exchange of best practice. These initiatives help promote the city of Leeds as a global destination, attracting visitors from all over the world.

The city of Leeds has a multicultural population. The population consists of 81% white British, 2.3% white other, and 2.1% black/African/Caribbean/Black British. The other major foreign groups in Leeds are from Pakistan, India, and Poland. The city also has a significant proportion of EU citizens.


Aces Promotional Staff in Leeds have the experience and expertise to turn your brand into an instant success. Our professional staff members can host events, provide demonstrations, and welcome guests to your business. Aces’ promotional staff members are highly trained to promote brands, products, and services by creating an infectious atmosphere that Promotional Staff in Leeds will leave your guests and clients wanting more.

Our promotional staff members are exceptionally enthusiastic and trained to represent your company in a positive way. They are available to work for short or long-term contracts. We can also provide leaflet distributors in Leeds. All of our staff members are highly trained and are willing to serve you. We can also provide staff for temporary pop-up stores, which are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

Push Promotions

The promotional staff at Push Promotions Leeds are exceptionally well trained and enthusiastic individuals who will represent your brand in a positive manner. These professionals are available for short-term and long-term contract work, and can be trained to meet the legal requirements for leaflet distribution in Leeds. They will also help you gain the necessary license to carry out the service.