Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

A spinal cord injury is a catastrophic event that can change your life forever. The damage disrupts the pathways that send and receive signals from the brain to and from the body. In some cases, the injury can lead to loss of sensation or strength below the site of the injury. It can also cause pain, numbness, and other conditions that require treatment. A spinal cord injury lawyer can help you get the care you need to manage these complications.

Most spinal cord injury lawsuits (and all personal injury lawsuits) are based on the legal theory of negligence. This means that the person or company you are suing is at fault for your injuries. Your spinal cord injury attorney will review the facts of your case to determine who may be liable. Your spine injury lawyer can sue the driver of a car that struck you, an employer for failing to provide a safe workplace, or a doctor for their malpractice.

The severity of your injuries plays a significant role in the amount of money you can recover in a settlement or jury award. The reason for this is that medical bills and other expenses typically make up the bulk of any monetary award. High medical bills, or severe injuries that will likely cause costly future bills, increase the value of your claim.

Besides medical expenses, you can sue for other damages related to your injuries, including pain and suffering. This is meant to compensate you for the impact of your accident and your injuries on your quality of life. A competent spine injury lawyer will be able to review your records and receipts to formulate an estimate of the value of your past, present, and future losses.

If your spinal cord injury was caused by a defective product, you can file a product liability lawsuit. In these types of cases, your lawyer will need to examine the manufacturing process that led to the defective product and how this defect caused your spinal cord injury. A qualified spinal cord injury lawyer will have connections in the SCI community and can refer you to SCI survivor support groups, SCI educational sessions, and other resources that can help you in your recovery.

When you hire a skilled spinal cord injury lawyer, you will have a better chance of winning a successful case and receiving the compensation you deserve. The most important thing to remember is that a lawyer cannot guarantee a result, but they can level the playing field for you and your case. If you have questions about your spinal cord injury lawsuit, contact a New York City personal injury lawyer today to request a free consultation. We are available to answer your questions via in-person meetings at our office, over the phone or video conference, and online. We are committed to helping victims of spinal cord injuries. Call us now to start your recovery journey.