Spindle Latex Mattress Review

A latex mattress is a natural option that delivers comfort and support. It’s also environmentally friendly and a good option for people with allergies to synthetic foam.

The best latex mattresses offer a bouncy, supportive feel that’s reminiscent of memory foam, but they’re available in many different firmness levels. Generally, the higher the percentage of natural latex in a mattress’s foam, the more bouncy it will be. Some blends contain a small amount of synthetic latex, too.

Unlike memory foam, latex has no off-gassing that can leave you with a foul smell. It’s also more temperature-regulating than foam, which means that it’ll keep you cooler.

This type of mattress is a great choice for sleepers looking to alleviate pressure points and prevent aches in the hips, shoulders and lower back. The material also keeps your body positioned in an optimal position for spine alignment.

It’s a bit more expensive than many other types of https://www.cronica.com.mx/bienestar/elegir-mejor-colchon-latex-natural.html, but it’s worth it for the added durability and longevity. The best beds feature warranties that stretch to over 20 years, so you’ll have a quality bed for a long time.

How It Works

The Spindle Organic Latex comes in two layers, each designed to be adjusted separately for a different firmness level. The first layer is a firm one, while the second layers can be changed to either medium or soft for a completely custom bed.

Testers like the way this mattress contours to their body, reducing pressure in areas where it’s needed most. It also has a nice amount of bounce and minimal sinkage. It’s easy to order and ship, too.

If you’re concerned about a latex mattress being too warm, look for a bed with a wool top cover that regulates temperature and doesn’t trap heat as much as synthetic foams do. A high-quality latex mattress will also feature a layer of cooling gel memory foam and transition foam that buffers the difference between soft and firm foams.

These beds typically offer better edge support than other options, too. They also have a few unique features, including wave cutouts that reduce motion transfer.

You can also opt for a pillow-top version, which adds two inches of plushness to the lumbar region. This can provide even more pressure relief for side sleepers, especially if they have back pain or need a softer bed.

It’s a little more expensive than other latex mattresses, but it’s worth the extra cost for the extra support and durable materials. It’s also available in multiple sizes, so you can pick the best fit for your needs.

What it’s Made From

The EcoCloud starts with a quilted organic cotton and wool cover, which naturally regulates temperature and helps with moisture absorption. It’s then topped with a 4 inch layer of textured Talalay latex, molded into layers to provide firmer lower back and lumbar support.

In addition to the textured latex, this mattress also has a layer of foam-wrapped coils that offer good edge support and motion isolation. It’s not as firm as a traditional innerspring, but testers said it was comfortable enough for them to fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed.